Covid 19 - Latest Update From Baypoint Club

Covid 19 - Latest Update From Baypoint Club

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Following the Prime Minister’s and First Ministers’ announcements yesterday (22 September), Baypoint Club would like to provide an update so our members and visitors are aware of the protocols and expectations that come into force from Thursday 24 September.

  • Bar

Our Bar remains open with table service only and must be closed by 10pm. We will call last orders by 21:30. All staff in these areas must now wear face coverings and we will ask members to wear a face mask at all times unless seated at a table. The rule of six will apply across the area and the facility.

  • Indoor sport

Adults indoor sport is limited to six people and football is no longer allowed to be played indoors. We are waiting for clarification on basketball whilst racket sports can be played to a maximum of six people or the rules of that game.

  • Indoor Sport U18

There are no further restrictions, so organised indoor sport can continue with relevant risk assessments and governing body procedures in place.

  • Outdoor Sports

There are no further restrictions which means organised outdoor sport can continue with relevant risk assessments and governing body procedures in place.

  • Classes

Classes can continue and are excluded from the new restrictions because we are a Covid Secure Venue. We are once again going beyond the current guidelines to ensure our venue is safe for members, visitors and staff by installing carbon dioxide sensors and using them as a surrogate indicator to switch on additional mechanical ventilation.

All classes will have a 3m x 3m area per participant, this can be decreased to a 2x2 for classes that are static. All equipment will be cleaned after use.

  • Gyms and facilities

These were not explicitly referenced with regard to firmer rules on face coverings, we will seek further clarification on this and should any changes be required, we will let you know. With the absence of clarification, we ask all members to continue wearing mask until the activity or gym session starts. We still ask that all gym users clean equipment after use.

  • Track And Trace

For all non-members will be by using the NHS Covid -19 app and QR codes throughout the complex. The App is downloadable from tomorrow and the QR codes are being printed. Until we are ready for the QR codes, T&T will be by the same means as now.

The penalty for not wearing a face mask is £200 and is enforced by the Covid marshals. Anyone not observing the rules will be asked to leave, this is the new reality for everyone in hospitality and leisure, we are subject to hefty fines for non-compliance, as are our customers.